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The life story of Raya Sen, an Indian actress and fashion model, was born on January 24, 1981 in Kolkata - India.
The life story of Raya Sen, an Indian actress and fashion model, was born on January 24, 1981 in Kolkata - India.

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Nickname: Raya Sen
Full name: Riya Sen Dave Pharma
Hindi name: रिया सेन
Country: India
Date of Birth: January 24, 1981
Place of Birth: Kolkata, India
Work: representation
Type: Bollywood cinema
Years of work: 1991 - yet
Brothers: Reimaa Sen
Height: 1.55 meters

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I was born Raya Sen in 1981 in Calcutta - India, belong to well-known in India artistic family, Fjdtha to her mother is Suchitra Sen, and her mother is the Moon Moon Sen, and her sister, Reema Sen, is one of the most famous Bollywood actresses, I knew the lights and fame since she was a child, and began her Professional representation in 1991, where she presented the role of the artist in the film Vishkanya the girl and her 10-year term. In the years of youth was the first commercial success in her career through the Indian comedy exciting Style is a low-budget for 2001, directed by n. Chandra. Made other films, including the film music Jhankaar Beats in 2001 in English, and Shaadi No 1 in 2005, and the horror film Ananthabhadram language Malayalam in 2005. Because of the roles of excitement and temptation it turned into a symbol of sex among young people in India and became known as the Queen of temptation.
Worked Raya Sen modeling as well, and appeared in many of the songs video clip since she was six years old in the music video Yaad Piya Ki Aane Lagi, also it appeared on the covers of magazines and in a lot of television advertising, and the girl is my favorite ads for many global brands .
Raya Sen as well as her humanitarian activities in the fight against AIDS and the care of children with eye diseases
Raya Sen stirred controversy over her clip with actor Ashmit Patel, and her image almost bare on the annual calendar of the photographer Dabo Ratnana, as well as kisses in a conservative Indian films.

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