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The life story of Salma Hayek, Mexican actress of Lebanese origin.
The life story of Salma Hayek, Mexican actress of Lebanese origin resident in the United States, was born on September 2, 1966 in Kotzkolkos Veracruz Mexico.

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Nickname: Salma Hayek
Birth name: Salma Hayek Jimenez
Titles: Bomb Hollywood
State: Mexico, the United States, Lebanon
Religion: Christianity, Catholicism
Date of Birth: September 2, 1966
Place of Birth: Coatzacoalcos, Veracruz, Mexico
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Work: representation
Type: Cinema Hollywood
Working years: 1988 - yet
Marital status: Married
Husband: François-Henri Pinault (2009-present)
Children: Valentina Paloma (2007)
Father: Sami Hayek
Mother: Diana Jimenez

Biography Life Story:

I was born Salma Hayek in 1966 in Kotzkolkos Veracruz, Mexico, from a wealthy family, her father Sami Hayek Dominguez, a businessman and CEO in the oil company and was mayor Kotzkolkos City, a Mexican of Lebanese descent, emigrated her grandfather from her father from Lebanon to Mexico, but her mother Diana Jimenez are Mexican Hispanics, it was of the most famous opera singers, in addition to her work as a school music.
Posted Salma Hayek to the Academy (Sacred Heart) in the Greater Louisiana Coto in America when he was 12 years old, and while she was there that he was diagnosed with dyslexia disease. Salma returned back to Mexico to pursue the study of international relations at the Ibero-American University in college in Mexico City, in response to pressure from her father, who insisted on pursuing her studies in international relations on the grounds that prominent businessman, but they preferred not to realize his dream because of the great vulnerability to her mother, and chosen by the art that it seems clear that it had inherited from her mother as they joined in the early start Spanish Opera House.
Salma Hayek began her career playing different roles on the theaters of the capital Mxhexao City, having accounted for a play starring (Aladdin and the Magic Lamp), began acting in television commercials, Mexico, to cut ties with the university completely. Having achieved some success in advertising station, I began to climb through that window to the world of stardom and the giants of cinema, where she participated in a number of episodes of the series comedy "show Sinbad," The real turning point in Mexico occurred when he participated in the television series carried Teresa generic name in 1988, who turned it into a local star famous, though the artistic ambition did not stop at this stage, despite her fame in her Mexico, but the goal was to go to Hollywood in the United States in search of a golden opportunity there, and has already moved to Los Angeles as an immigrant illegally in 1991 was the first year stalled, has been able to all these obstacles beyond where she worked small roles in various films, was not aware at the time that it would become the most famous Hollywood starlets, that began to show a good actress after hot role in the film (Desperado) in 1995, which nominated director Robert him in front of the Spanish star Antonio Banderas, this was the first tournament absolute aldose her.
Varied roles Salma Hayek among the comedy through the film "Fools Wedding," and the drama in the movie "separation" in 1997, as the movement roles made and the excitement of working film "Wild West", in addition to the movie "across the universe" excerpt from the song of the same name the famous Beatles British.
Salma Hayek is the first Mexican actress to become the star of the Hollywood stars after its bold in the film (Dolores Del Rio), was chosen in a poll of American People magazine as one of the most beautiful fifty people in the world in 1996. represented several films Drama in English and Spanish, and stormed Cinema Hollywood intrusive severe that they nicknamed (Hollywood bomb), and always has been champion several Mexican serials and films (Lusk a dest) with Kollin Ferrell. Salma Hayek and one child of her boyfriend, the French businessman François-Henri Pinault, who broke up in mid-July 2008 also reported that the American People magazine (unconfirmed).

Awards and Honors:

Salma Hayek won many awards during her career:
Oscars: Best Lead Actress in 2003 for a unique film. And Best Actress in South America.
Golden Globe: Best Actress in 2003 for a unique film.
Chosen within the fifty most beautiful figure in the world in 1996 referendum conducted by the American People magazine.

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