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Life story Scarlet Ortiz, a Venezuelan actress, born March 12 1974 Caracas, Venezuela.
Life story Scarlet Ortiz, a Venezuelan actress, born March 12 1974 Caracas, Venezuela.

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Nickname: Scarlet Ortiz
Real name: Havez Scarlet Ortiz Pacheco
Titles: Maria Clara
Location: Venezuela
Date of Birth: March 12, 1974
Place of Birth: Caracas, Venezuela
Work: representation
Type: Series romantic
Working years: 1995 - yet
Martial status: single
Children: Barbara (her boyfriend)

Biography Life Story:

Scarlet Ortiz was born on March 12 1974 Caracas, Venezuela, began her university studies in psychology, but she did not complete her studies and that in order to achieve her dream and become a famous actress, began her career appearing in a program for children in Venezuela called Nubeluz, also represented the city of Sucre Miss Venezuela in 1992, in July 2009 Spanish edition of People magazine reported that she was pregnant from her boyfriend Jul Burkle, and in the March 9, 2010 gave birth to a baby girl at Mount Sinai Hospital in Miami and Barbara named her Brianna.
The Scarlet Ortiz starred in many successful television series, in 1997, I got an offer for her role in the series Llovizna, and had a starring role alongside represented by Luis Fernaacutendez actor, and has received a strong boost in the provision of starring roles in serials.

Artist Works:


Santiago, el apostol (2015).


Nubeluz (Host / Dalina, 1995-1996), Llovizna to Aovezna (Yolanda Sánchez / Llovizna, 1997), Niña mimada (Federica, 1998), Yo soy Betty, la fea (Alejandra Zingg, 1999), Luisa Fernanda Luisa Fernanda (Luisa Fernanda Riera, 1999), Mis 3 hermanas sisters Althelat (Lisa Estrada Rossi, 2Scarlet Ortiz), Secreto de amor hearts confused - Maria Clara (María Clara Carvajal, 2001), Todo sobre Camila money without glory (Camila Montes de Alba, 2003), todos quieren con Marilyn (Marilyn, 2004), Mi vida eres tú (Daniela Álvarez, 2006), Trópico (Angélica Santos, 2007), Amas de casa desesperadas (Susana Martínez, 2008), Alma indomable (Alma Pérez Sorrento, 2009), Rafaela (Rafaela, 2011), Dulce amargo (Mariana Wilhelm, 2012-2013), Misterio's (Ana Raquel / Ana Valentina, 2014), Tómame o déjame (Ida, 2015), Escándalos (TBA, 2015).

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