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Susan Sarandon

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The life story of Susan Sarandon, American actress.
The life story of Susan Sarandon, American actress, born on October 4, 1946 in New York - United States.

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Nickname: Susan Sarandon.
Full name: Abigail Susan Sarandon.
Country Nationality: United States of America.
Religion: Christianity (Catholic).
Date of Birth: October 4, 1946.
Place of Birth: New York, United States.
Work: acting, production.
Type: Hollywood movies.
Years of work: 1969 - until now.
Marital status: divorced.
Former husband: Chris Sarandon (1967-1979).
Children: Eva Amurri.
Father: Phillip Leslie Tomalin.
Mother: Lenora Marie.
Height: 170 cm.

Biography Life Story:

Susan Sarandon was born in 1946 in upstate New York, USA. Her father is "Phillip Leslie Tomalin," while her mother, "Lenora Marie" Sicilian origin, has Susan graduated from high school in Addison and then I joined the Catholic University of Drama in 1964 and graduated in 1968, earning a Bachelor of Arts. Her first cinematic experiences through film (Joe) in 1969, and then launched the world of art and its most prominent film (Thelma and Louise) in 1991 and the film (Lorenzo oil) in 1992.
During her studies at Catholic University of America he met with Chris Sarandon, and married him in 1967 and broke up in 1979.

Awards and Honors:

Nominations for the Academy Award:
Best Lead Actress in 1982 for the film Atlantic City.
Best Lead Actress in 1992 for the film Thelma & Louise.
Best Lead Actress in 1993 for the film Lorenzo's Oil.
Best Lead Actress in 1995 for the film The Client.
Best Lead Actress in 1996 for the film Dead Man Walking and won finally.
Nominations for the Golden Globe Award:
Best comedy actress or an exhibition in 1989 for the movie Bull Durham.
Best Actress in 1991 for the film White Palace.
Best actress for the 1992 film Thelma & Louise.
Best Actress in 1993 for the film Lorenzo's Oil.
Best Actress in 1996 for the film Dead Man Walking.
Best Actress in 1999 for the film Stepmom.
Best Supporting Actress in 2003 for the film Igby Goes Down.
Best Actress in a Miniseries or TV movie in 2009 for the film Bernard and Doris.
Other awards:
1995 Screen Actors Guild Award for Best Actress for the film Dead Man Walking.
British Academy of Arts Award for film and television in 1995 for best actress for the film The Client.
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