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Jennifer Garner

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The life story of Jennifer Garner, actress and film producer American.
The life story of Jennifer Garner, actress and film producer American, born on 17 April 1972 in Texas, USA.

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Biography Information:

Nickname: Jennifer Garner.
Full real name: Jennifer Garner.
Country Nationality: United States of America.
Date of Birth: 17 April 1972.
Place of Birth: Houston, Texas, USA.
Work: Representative, film producer.
Type: Hollywood movies, TV.
Working years: 1995 - until now.
Marital status: divorced.
Ex-husband Scott Foley (2Jennifer Garner 2004), Ben Affleck (2005 2015).
Children: 3.
Brothers: Casey Affleck (brother), Samer Phoenix (sister).

Biography Life Story:

Jennifer Garner was born in 1972 in Houston, Texas in the United States of America. She studied at the (Denison University) in Granville, Ohio. Gained fame role (Sydney Bristow) was an officer of the CIA in the series (Alias) and the display for five seasons on ABC channel from 2001 to 2006 while she was working in this series, she participated in several films, including: film (Pearl Harbor) in 2001, and the film ( I grabbed me if you can) in 2002, and the film (Dred Eiffel) in 2003, and the film (13 became 30) in 2004, and the movie (Elektra) in 2005. He also participated in the film (Juno) in 2007, and the film (the invention of lying) in 2009, and a movie (life of Timothy Green exotic) in 2012, and the film (Dallas buyers Club) in 2013, and the film (men, women and children) in 2014.
She married Jennifer Garner to actor Scott Foley in 2Jennifer Garner, and broke up after about four years in 2004, the same year entered into a romantic relationship with actor and director Ben Affleck, and married him in 2005 and bore him three sons, of whom two daughters: Violet I was born in 2005, Serafina Rose Elizabeth Affleck was born in 2009, and divorced in 2015.

Artist Works:


In Harm's Way, Deconstructing Harry, Washington Square, Mr. Magoo (1997) 1999, (1998), Dude, Where's My Car? (2Jennifer Garner), Stealing Time, Pearl Harbor (2001), Catch Me If You Can (2002), Daredevil (2003), 13 Going on 30 (2004), Elektra (2005), Catch and Release (2006), The Kingdom , Juno (2007), Ghosts of Girlfriends Past, The Invention of Lying (2009), Valentine's Day (2010), Arthur (2011), Butter, The Odd Life of Timothy Green (2012), Dallas Buyers Club (2013), Draft Day, Men- Women & Children, Alexander and the Terrible- Horrible- No Good- Very Bad Day (2014), Danny Collins (2015), Miracles from Heaven, Mother's Day, Nine Lives, The Tribes of Palos Verdes, Wakefield (2016 ).


Danielle Steel's Zoya (1995), Harvest of Fire, Dead Man's Walk, Swift Justice, Law & Order, Spin City (1996), The Player, Rose Hill (1997), Significant Others, Felicity (1998), Aftershock: Earthquake in New york, The Pretender (1999), Time of Your Life (1999-2Jennifer Garner), Alias ​​(2001-2006), Saturday Night Live, The Simpsons (2003), Martha Speaks (2013).

Awards and Honors:

She ran for the Golden Globe Award several times (2002.2003, 2004.2005).
She won a Golden Globe award for the category of Best Actress in a Drama Series in 2002 for her role in the series (Alias).
He won a Screen Actors Guild Award in 2002 for her role in the series (Alias).
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