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Kenza Fourati

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The life story of Kenza Fourati, casual fashion Tunisian.
The life story of Kenza Fourati, casual fashion Tunisian, born in 1987 in Lille France.

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Biography Information of Kenza Fourati.
Biography Life Story of Kenza Fourati.

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Nickname: Kenza Fourati.
Country Nationality: Tunisia.
Date of Birth: 1987.
Place of Birth: Lille, France.
Work: a mannequin.
Type: Underwear.
Father: Kamal Fourati.

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Kenza Fourati born in 1987 in Lille in France. Her father is Kamal Fourati. He moved to Tunisia when he was two months old. Is the first Tunisian appear on the cover of Sports Alstraatd magazine, raised her appearance on the cover of the magazine Tonevazion Tunisian Ramadan in 2011 are much resented by many Tunisians to the status of semi-nude portrayed in it.
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