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The life story of Kirsten Dunst, an actress and singer and casual fashion
The life story of Kirsten Dunst, an actress and singer and casual fashion, German and American, born on April 30, 1982 in New Jersey - United States of America.

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Biography Information of Kirsten Dunst.
Biography Life Story of Kirsten Dunst.

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Nickname: Kirsten Dunst.
Real Full name: Christine Caroline Dunst.
Country Nationality: United States of America, Germany.
Country of residence: United States of America.
Country of origin: Germany.
Date of Birth: April 30, 1982.
Place of Birth: Point Pleasant, New Jersey, United States.
Work: actress, fashion model, singer.
Type: Hollywood movies.
Working years: 1988 - until now.
Marital status: not linked.
Father: Klaus Dunst.
Mother: Lines Roberboukt.
Brothers: Kirsten Dunst.

Biography Life Story:

Kirsten Dunst was born in 1982 in Point Pleasant, New Jersey Province in the United States, and grew up until the age of eleven. Her father named Klaus Dunst was powered executive in charge of medical services, a German citizenship from Hamburg. And her mother called Roberboukt Lines (Lines Dunst after marriage) was born in New Jersey and is of German and Swedish descent, was an artist owns an art gallery. And her single brother named Christine was born in 1987
She began her artistic enacted three years where he has appeared in numerous television commercials, as well as Ako signed with the Ford Company and Elite models. At the age of 6 years he played a small role in the short film (Oedipus wrecks) in 1989, the first work of her on-screen cinema, and shortly after she played the daughter of Tom Hanks in the movie (stove vanity). She graduated from Notre Dame High School and works for the production company, accompanied by her mother. After her parents' separation in 1993, she went with her brother and her mother to Los Angeles in southern California, and has lived there since the age of 11 years old. Then he studied school Rani in New Jersey until the sixth grade and she left school to study Laurel Hall in north Hollywood. In 1993 she played the role (Hydril) in the seven parts of the film (Galaxy Dragon). At the age of 12 has performed the role of the vampire (Claudia) in the successful film (Interview with the Vampire) in 1994, this film by a kiss between Dunst and Brad Pitt especially for ages 18-year-old scene, and this is the first kiss Dunst on the screen. And he won success for heroism in the film (a small woman) in the same year, she starred in the film fantasy (Jumanji) in 1995, which was a success at the box office. This year he considered People of the 50 most beautiful personality. In 1996 she joined Dunst Notre Dame High School, a private in the Los Angeles Catholic school. In the same year she starred multi-series Medical seasons (emergency room ER). In 1997, Dunst Bdbalijh voice of Princess (Anastasia) in the cartoon (Anastasia Anastasia). In the same year she appeared with Robert De Niro and Dustin Hoffman in the film footage of the Political spelling (wag the dog). In 1998, the Japanese cartoon film Bdoblaj (Kiki's Delivery Service) to the English version, was the heroine of the film Bdoblaj voice of Kiki, in the same year represented in the series (Small Soldiers). The series (the Virgin) suicide in 1998.
The Kirsten Dunst after several heroic roles in several films. And has changed the technical track, he began to represent a romantic comedy films and comedy films. In 1999, assimilation film (drop dead gorgeous), and starred in the comedy (you have), and the Pedro (LUX Hpoph) girl located in adolescents in the independent film problems (Virgin suicides). In 2Kirsten Dunst after graduating from Notre Dame High School she resumed her artwork, and served as president of the fans (Torrance Shipman) in the movie (bring it on). In 2001 she starred in the movie (bring it on), and starring young comedy film (get it), where she sang two songs to Mark Haaman, and was the first musical work to Dunst, and has to play the role of an American girl named (Marion Davies) in the film (the cat meowing ), and singing the song of the end of the film, it has got in 2002 the best young actress award at the Mar del Plata International film Festival for this film. Represented in the movie (Crazy and beautiful) in 2001 and won international fame for its role as a girl named (Mary Jane Watson) in the three parts of the movie superhero (Spider-Man) with Tobey Maguire Representative from 2002 to 2007, which is the most commercially successful work in that time to Dunst, and has sang two songs in the third part of this film. The performance of a secondary role in the film "lightness", and jointly with both Julia Roberts and Julia Stiles and Maggie Gyllenhaal in the movie boring (Mona Lisa Smile). In 2002, People considered the most beautiful of the 50 figure for the second time. In 2004, it represented the successful film (the eternal glow of a clean mind), and has to embody the role of a new player entering the Wimbledon tennis in the romantic comedy film (Wimbledon), one of the movies that starred her since then. In 2005, he represented in the film tragedian (Elizabeth Town), directed by Cameron Crowe. In 2006 he represented the role (Marie Antoinette) successful movie starring (Marie Antoinette), directed by Sofia Coppola. The singing my song (this is the old machine) and (summer days) in an album (nighttiming) to Jason Schwartzman which was released in 2007. In 2008, teamed up with Simon Page in the comedy (How to lose Friends and Alienate People). In 2010 he has directed a short film entitled (Rascal), and teamed up with Ryan Gosling in the romantic film starring successful (all Aloxiaealgidh). In 2011, the embody the role of a woman suffering from severe depression for fear of the end of the world in the science fiction film (depression), and got Dunst for this film several awards, including the Best Actress of the Cannes Film Festival Award, and the Best Actress from the US National Association Award of film critics. In 2012 she acted in several works, including the role of performance (Camille) in the film (on the road). In 2014, he teamed up with Michael Shannon and Joel Edgerton in the film drama and science fiction (Midnight Special), directed by Jeff Nichols.
At the beginning of 2008, Dunst was being treated for severe depression in a treatment center in Utah, and has made clear it before it enters to the hospital for treatment, their level has dropped for six months. In late March he left the hospital and began to represent the film (all good things).
Dunst obtained German citizenship in 2011 and has since begun using American and German dual nationality.
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