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Lena Gercke

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Life story of Lena Gercke, a fashion model and television presenter German
Life story of Lena Gercke, a fashion model and television presenter German, born on February 29, 1988 in West Germany.

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Biography Information of Lena Gercke.
Biography Life Story of Lena Gercke.

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Nickname: Lena Gercke.
Full real name: Joana Lina Ceri.
Country of citizenship: Germany.
Date of Birth: February 29, 1988.
Place of Birth: Marburg, Hesse, West Germany.
Work: fashion model, presenter.
Type: hot clothes.
Marital status: not linked.
Former lover: Sami Khedira (2011-2015).
Height: 179 cm.

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Lena Gercke was born in 1988 in the town of Marburg Hesse state in western Germany. And we grew up in the town of Klopnburg. Luscious blonde hair and blue eyes, has a number of fashion shows, also appeared on the cover of several magazines.
Associated with the relationship of love with football player German Sami Khedira in 2011. We showed up in the stands while playing for Germany in Euro 2012 and raised her clothes controversy as demanded DFB Balahtcham and not deliberately excitement while she terraces. I have pictures of this and published them on the cover of a magazine and two semi-naked. And it broke up in 2015.
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