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Selen Soyder

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Life story Selen Soyder, fashion model and actress Turkish.
Life story Selen Soyder, fashion model and actress Turkish, born on December 26, 1986 in Izmir - Turkey.

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Biography Information of Selen Soyder.
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Nickname: Selen Soyder.
Turkish name: Selen Soyder.
Full real name: Makram Selen Soyder.
Turkish name: Mükerrem Selen Soyder.
Titles: Miss Turkey in 2007.
Country Nationality: Turkey.
Date of Birth: December 26, 1986.
Place of Birth: Olsanczyk, Izmir, Turkey.
Work: actress, fashion model.
Years of work: 2006 - until now.
Height: 178 cm.
Weight: 54 kg.
Physical characteristics: light brown hair, dark brown eyes.

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Makram Selen Soyder born in 1986 in the town of Olsanczyk city of Izmir in Turkey. It is the only son of parents who had emigrated to the town of Janja. He finished elementary school and junior high and high school in Selma High School Aatalb Izmir.
Makram Selen Soyder participated in the Miss Turkey contest was elected as the best model in Turkey in 2006. Turkey was represented at the Miss Universe held in the People's Republic of China contest. It was in the first five positions in the competition and won the award for best national uniforms. And participated in the Miss Turkey beauty queen was elected Turkey in 2007. Turkey was represented at the Miss World which was held in Sanya, China island within 106 countries participated the contest, but failed in that occupies center in the first five positions in the competition. In 2007, the mannequin Bfacu become. After that I went to Canada for the Canadian language teaching. She returned to Turkey in 2009. At the request of her father, has recorded radio and training period began with a TV star. In 2010 he starred in the series (love between heaven and earth), which aired on Fox TV screen. And it represented for the first time in the history of the Turkish drama series (Laila Dfrey) role (Toprak). And it won in 2013 for this role the Year award star for nineteen political magazine, and the award for best actress for the scene Hassan fourth. And she was a student, Department of History at the University of Istanbul information.

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