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Eman El Asy

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Eman El Asy

Eman El Asy, Egyptian actress, was born on 28 August 1985 in Cairo, Egypt.

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Eman El Asy

Name: Eman Assi
Country of Nationality: Egypt
Date of birth: 28 August 1985
Place of birth: Cairo, Egypt
Age: 33 years old (2017)
The Astrological Tower: The Lion Tower
Work: Acting
Type: Egyptian Drama
Years of work: 2003 - present
Marital Status: Married
Husband: Nabil Samir Zanussi
Sons: Retaj

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Eman El Asy was born on 28 August 1985 in Cairo, the capital of Egypt. Her pre-art studies were business management. Her art work came by coincidence when she went to take a picture of her. When the photographer finished filming, he found that there was a picture among the pictures. He asked her to publish it in a women's magazine. Iman agreed as long as the picture was respected and expressed. The film was published in the magazine and then seen by the director Khaled Bahgat on the cover of the magazine and nominated for the series "Yesterday does not die" in front of the artist Raghda and Riyadh Kholi and the nomination came because of the similarity between them. Where Iman played the role of Raghda's daughter in the series. In Iman's scheme, there was no direction to art at all. Until her nomination came again by the director "Haytham Hakki" for the series "Dreams in the gate" in front of the artist "Samira Ahmed." And then participated in the series "man and two women" in front of the artist Dalal Abdul Aziz and Farouk al-Fishawi and played the role of their daughter. And then participated in the series "Invitation Farah" before the artist Samira Ahmed again. Until the truth came to faith when it was nominated by the director "Rabab Hussein" for the series "Hazrat Abo accused" in front of the artist Nour Sharif. Although Iman is busy at this stage. However, the insistence of the director "Rabab Hussein" to wait for her when she finishes all her work to the conviction of the director.
She was married to businessman Nabil Samir Zanussi in 2010. There were several reports about her intention to retire after marriage. She announced her retirement in 2011 but returned again that year.
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