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Jannat Mahid

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Jannat Mahid

Jannat Mahid, a Moroccan singer, was born on January 6, 1986, in Wade Zem, Morocco.

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Jannat Mahid

Nickname: Jannat.
Full Real Name: Jannat Mehd.
Country of Nationality: Morocco.
Country of residence: Egypt.
Religion of Islam.
Date of birth: 6 January 1986.
Place of Birth: Wade Zem, Morocco.
Age: 31 years (2017)
Astronomical Tower: Capricorn Tower
Work: singing.
Type: Flute.
Years of work: 2000 - present.

Biography Life Story

Jannat Mahid was born on January 6, 1986, in the town of Wad Zam in Morocco. She grew up with three brothers and was the youngest and the only girl among them. Since they are smaller, Jannat has been the focus of attention and attention. Thanks to this interest, her family discovered that what attracted her ear was not the children's songs that suited her age but the deep songs she had memorized and sang. Her family provided support for her talent, especially her mother, who has a sweet voice but used to sing at family events only. When she was eight years old, she participated in a musical competition in Morocco and for the first time in her life stood for a theater accompanied by a band. Despite her young age, Jannat was not afraid to win first place in the competition, but later participated in three other competitions in Morocco and won first place in all of them.
It also won first place in the fourth competition in Alexandria before winning first place also in the festival of tourism and shopping in Dubai. Al-Hafni invited her to sing as a guest of honor at the Cairo International Music Festival held at the Opera House. Jannat then suspended her art work until she got a Business Management and Marketing Certificate.
The beginnings with Ahmed Dessouki:
She began her artistic career singing at the music festivals in her country, and was invited more than once to sing at the Arab Music Festival in Egypt. The opportunity was seen by the producer Ahmed Dessouki and knew her voice and felt her talent strong, he asked her to produce but she was 15 years old It continues to complete its education in Morocco, making it difficult to conclude the contract.
Then he came back and saw her in 2004 after the success of Hatem Fahmy's first album "Mesh Meshak Haqak" with "Good News for Music" and she developed the idea of ​​contracting between them and producing Ahmed Al-Desouki, especially after she touched his ability to achieve the success that she dreams of reaching at the beginning of her career After his technical with Hatem.
Since then, Jannat has been singing and has released her song "My Beloved Me" in 2004, which she filmed in a video clip. At that time, she began preparing for her album "To Me Benny & Pink" to be released in July 2006.
Jannat is one of the most prominent female singers in the Arab world. Her sense of what is reflected on her songs, which enabled her to reap the admiration of the masses.
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