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Rania shaheen

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Rania shaheen, Egyptian actress, was born on 22 August 1981 in Cairo, Egypt.

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Rania shaheen

Name: Rania Shaheen
Country of Nationality: Egypt
Date of birth: 22 August 1981
Place of birth: Cairo, Egypt
Age: 36 years old (2017)
The Astrological Tower: The Lion Tower
Work: Acting
Years of work: 2000 - present

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Rania shaheen was born on August 22, 1981 in Cairo, capital of Egypt. She was never in the world of acting and did not dream of being represented at one time. Her debut came in 2000 by chance when she went to the office of director Khairi Bishara with a friend. She showed her a role in his film "Night in the Moon" "The girl who is driven by one-sided love for addiction. After that she participated in a dramatic evening with director Khairi Bishara and author Mohamed Safa Amer entitled "The Deek" and another dramatic evening with the artist Omar Hariri and the artist Buthaina Rashwan. She was nominated by Fakhruddin Najida for "Sahar El Ayoun" with Amer Mounib.
During her work, Rania Shaheen joined the acting workshops with Dr. Mohamed Abdel Hadi and director Ahmed Maher. She also participated in Khaled Galal's Opera Workshop, but she also had a role in her participation in the film "7 Koucheena Papers", which was chosen by director Sherif Sabri for one of the advertising campaigns The film "7 Cochin Papers" with Ruby and him to the film "One of the People" with the artist Karim Abdel Aziz and director Ahmed Nader Galal and then the film "Ze Day".
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