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Ahmed Adawiya

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Ahmed Adawiya

Ahmed Adawiya, Egyptian folk singer, born June 26, 1945.

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Ahmed Adawiya

Nickname: Ahmed Adaweya.
Full Real Name: Ahmed Mohamed Morsi Al Adawi.
Country of Nationality: Egypt.
Date of birth: 26 June 1945.
Age: 72 years old (2017)
Astrological Tower: Cancer
Work: Singing, acting.
Genre: popular singing.
Years of work: 1972 - present.

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Ahmed Adawiya was born on June 26, 1945, one of the most popular singers of the seventies, and had a great impact on the path of popular singing after him, considered the spiritual father of those who came after him like the singer Hakim. He has also participated in numerous films produced in this period.
A lot of those who are considered giants of Arabic music in his time have praised his voice such as Mohamed Abdel Wahab, Farid Al Atrash and Abdel Halim Hafez, but it came to a special event that Abdel Halim Hafez sang an ado song "Saha El Dahh Embo" and sang Adaweya Abdel Halim Hafez's song " "He said.
He withdrew from work for a period after the famous accident that occurred when Sheikh Talal bin Nasser Al-Sabah anesthetized him and his character, who almost lost his life due to this crime after a dispute over a woman and this caused him a coma and took a long time until his health stabilized and after an absence lasted more than 10 years began to return to The audience began to perform in concerts and appearances in concerts. Then he started to return to singing in 2010 with Rami Ayach in "Al Ra'iqa" and then in another duet in early 2011 with his son Mohammed Adawiya, who also works in the field of singing.
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