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Hesham Selim

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Hesham Selim

Hesham Selim, an Egyptian actor, was born on 27 January 1958 in Cairo, the capital of Egypt.

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Hesham Selim

Nickname: Hisham Saleem
Full real name: Hisham Mohammed Saleh Salim
Country of Nationality: Egypt
Date of birth: 27 January 1958
Place of birth: Cairo, Egypt
Age: 59 years old (2017)
Astrological Tower: Aquarius
Work: Acting
Marital status: Married
Wife: Mervat Mustafa copper
Sons: Nora, adornment of honor, divided
Father: Saleh Salim

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Hisham Selim was born on 27 January 1958 in Cairo, the capital of Egypt. He studied at the Institute of Tourism and Hotels in 1981 and then studied art at the Royal Academy in London through free studies and studied French. He starred in many films, series and plays. His first appearance was in his role as the son of Faten Hamama in the film "Empire of the Mim" directed by Hussein Kamal. He is the son of the Egyptian ball maestro Saleh Selim and the brother of Khaled Salim, the husband of the artist Yousra. He married Mervat Mustafa Al-Nahas and gave birth to him. He was able to mature in performance in recent years and he appeared to be a good model in: the viewer, Donya Yagrami, the storm.
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