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Nadine Al Rassi

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Nadine Al Rassi

Nadine Al Rassi, a Lebanese actress, was born on 18 September 1979 in Zahle, Lebanon.

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Nadine Al Rassi

Name: Nadine Al Rassi.
Full Real Name: Nadine Khalil Al Rassi.
Country of Nationality: Lebanon.
Date of birth: 18 September 1979.
Place of Birth: Rahba, Lebanon.
Age: 38 years old (2017)
Astrological Tower: Virgo
Work: Acting.
Marital status: Married.
Children: Mark, Marcel, Carl.
Father: Khalil Al-Rassi.
Mother: Ilham Khoury.
Brothers: George Al-Rassi (Lebanese singer).

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Nadine Al-Rassi was born on 18 September 1979 in Zahle Lebanon, in an artistic family. Her father is a Oud player and her brother is the Lebanese singer Georges Al-Rassi. She appeared for the first time in the series "Pashwat". Some of her most important films include: Khalik Mei, Gnoga Bia. She has participated in a number of series such as: The Age of the Harem, Luna Ebni, Mesh Zabta, Kalam Neswan, Gnoga Bia. She also had an experience in the musical theater with Rahabana in the play "Zenobia". She is married for the second time and has two boys. She won the best secondary Murex in 2007. In Ramadan 2012, Khirram Ebrah series with the artist Amr Saad in a Lebanese role evades her family in Lebanon and lives in Georgia.
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