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Naglaa Badr

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Naglaa Badr

Naglaa Badr, Egyptian broadcaster and actor, was born on 17 October 1974 in Cairo, Egypt.

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Naglaa Badr

Nickname: Najla Badr.
Country of Nationality: Egypt.
Date of birth: 17 October 1974.
Age: 43 years old (2017)
Astrological Tower: Libra
Place of birth: Cairo, Egypt.
Work: acting, broadcaster.

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Najla Badr was born on 17 October 1974 in Cairo, Egypt. She began to introduce the program "She is still a student at the Faculty of Media at Cairo University, until she graduated in 1996. She was the first Egyptian broadcaster to appear on the Omani screen, where she participated in the presentation of the afternoon program. With MBC channels, but refused to engage in the study.
After her return to Cairo, she started her first television program in Egypt in 2000, where she was accepted to present the program "Your Career in the World" on the screen of "Orbit", which continued to work with her for about 10 years, during which she appeared in a number of popular programs including "Letters and Alves" Fair Factor, Al Khazna Life and Scoop.
And from the media began to other horizons, where she participated in many programs that were the real gate to enter the field of representation, where participated in a number of works of art, both in cinema and television.
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