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Nisrine Tafech

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Nisrine Tafech

Nisrine Tafech, Syrian actress, was born on February 15, 1982. In Aleppo, Syria.

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Nisrine Tafech

Nickname: Nisreen Tafesh.
Full Real Name: Nasreen Youssef Tafesh.
Country of Nationality: Syria, Palestine.
Date of birth: 15 February 1982.
Place of Birth: Aleppo, Syria.
Age: 35 years (2017)
Astrological Tower: Aquarius
Work: Acting.
Years of work: 2002 - present.
Social status: Divorced.
Father: Yousef Tafesh.

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Nisreen Tafesh was born on February 15, 1982. In Aleppo, Syria has qualities from different parts of the Arab world. Her father is the Palestinian poet Youssef Tafesh and her mother is an Algerian. Her work attracted attention, especially after her participation in the Sabaya series. She studied at the Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts in Damascus and began her artistic career since 2002 with the Hulaku series.
Nisreen Tafesh revealed her separation from her husband, an Emirati businessman who has not yet been named. Divorce was not a common occurrence this time.
Sources close to Nisreen confirmed that the divorce was done calmly and with understanding and understanding from both parties, without any prejudice, after a marriage lasted for 5 years, although Nasreen did not give birth to her husband throughout that period.
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