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Ahmed Mekky

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Ahmed Mekky

Ahmed Mekky, an Egyptian-Algerian actor and singer, was born on 19 June 1980 in Oran, Algeria.

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Ahmed Mekky

Name: Ahmed Makki.
Country of Nationality: Egypt.
Country of origin: Algeria.
Date of birth: 19 June 1980.
Place of Birth: Oran, Algeria.
Age: 37 years old (2017)
Astrological Tower: Gemini
Work: Actor, rapper, author, director.
Years of work: 2001 - present.

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Ahmed Mekki is an Egyptian-Algerian actor and singer born on June 19, 1980 in Oran, Algeria, to an Algerian father and an Egyptian mother. He moved with his mother to Egypt and lived most of his life there, where he grew up in the neighborhood of Talbiyeh.
He played the role of "Haitham Dabour" in the film "Morgan Ahmad Morjan" with the Egyptian actor Adel Imam and in the recent period most of his work with Egyptian actress Dunya Samir Ghanem in the "bird" and "No retreat and surrender" and the series "Big Oi". And with director Ahmed El Gendy in "H Dabour", "You Are You" and "No retreat and surrender." Among the works directed by Ahmed Al-Fishawi (2005) is his short story about a short feature film that he directed in 2003 at the Technical Institute and participated in directing several episodes of the critical moments series. And has some documentary films for which he won many awards.
He was able to create a history of personality and represent him as if the character is his normal life is the making of a lot of personalities such as (Hazaloom - Captain Shehata - long life - Bahij - Big - strong strong - Johnny - Misho - Amitabh Bachan - Haitham Dabour - Soma lover - Halek Hogan) He wears a wig in many of his characters and is one of his most famous personalities.
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