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Amel Bouchoucha

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Amel Bouchoucha

Amel Bouchoucha, Algerian singer, actress and presenter, was born on 25 July 1982 in Algeria.

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Amel Bouchoucha

Name: Amal Bouchoucha
Nicknames: Jennifer Lopez of Arabia, New Tahia Carioca
Country of Nationality: Algeria
Date of birth: 25 July 1982
Place of Birth: Bizerte, Tebessa, Algeria
Age: 35 years (2017)
The Astrological Tower: The Lion Tower
Work: singer, actress, broadcaster
Years of work: 2008 - till now
Marital Status: Married (2015)
Husband: Walid Awada (Lebanese businessman)

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Amal Bouchoucha was born on July 25, 1982 in Ain Zarqa of the city of Wensa, Tebessa province in Algeria. She began her artistic career when she moved to Lebanon to participate in the Star Academy program in its fifth season. She sang in Arabic, English and French. She also won Western and Eastern Dance and won ninth place. The Masters launched the title of Jennifer Lopez the Arab and the new Carioca, and she was able to enter the hearts of millions For her voice and charisma that characterizes her on the stage and the way she dances. After her career in Star Academy she went to the world of presentation, where she presented "Top 20" program on Rotana channel and then the "Tair and Farka" contest on Lebanese television channel LBC, which has gained wider coverage and achieved success in the field of presentation. After her experience as a program presenter, she began to focus on the field of singing. She presented the song "Arab World Champion" and her picture on the way of the video clip and achieved remarkable success. The song was to support and encourage the Algerian team in the 2010 World Cup. The hero of her novel "Memory of the Flesh" in the series "Memory of the Flesh" until her film came in body language and her works a wayfarer who reflects the reality of the fighting generation and the fighter starring Gamal Sulaiman with the role of "Khalid Bin Tubal" and Amal Bouchoucha as "Hayat" and directed by Najdah Ismail Anzour. Amal Bouchoucha was the hero of Hayat, despite the fact that she was the first time she entered the world of acting and thus proved herself to be a multi-talented artist. And then released a song hit madness in the Lebanese dialect and its image in Morocco and Flamenco danced, showing her talent in oriental and western seductive dance and after her success in the memory of the body was given the opportunity to appear in a Syrian dialect series entitled Women's Sessions. The last Ramadan Amal has appeared in two series the first part of the time of Barghut and will continue its role in the second part of it, and also appeared as a guest of honor in the hours of the embers to be the champion of the third part in the next season.
In August 2015 she married Lebanese businessman Walid Awada, who is from the Nabatiyeh area of ​​southern Lebanon, a Shiite who owns a large number of luxury restaurants and has huge real estate projects in Lebanon. He personally knows and loves her after he invited her to a Ramadan breakfast in 2015, Their love develops into marriage.
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