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Rawaa Yassin

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Rawaa Yassin

Rawaa Yassin, Syrian actress, was born on 12 July 1976 in Damascus, Syria.

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Rawaa Yassin

Nickname: Rawaa Yassin
Full name of real: Rawaa Yassin Makhlati.
Titles: Miss the Badia.
Country of Nationality: Syria.
Date of birth: 12 July 1976.
Place of birth: Damascus, Syria.
Age: 41 years old (2017)
Astrological Tower: Cancer
Work: Acting.
Years of work: 1998 - present.

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Rawaa Yassin was born on 12 July 1976 in Damascus, the capital of Syria. She won the title of Miss Syrian Badia in 1999, and she became a professional artist. She has participated in a series of Syrian series. She has distinguished herself in the various roles, which contributed to her success and the love of the Arab audience. 2004.
Yassin is an artist who has acquired a great deal of personal strength and self-confidence. She knows exactly what she wants and strives to achieve her ambitions with a passion for her art and her work. She has entered the field of art with love and has diversified in her choices and started to express herself spontaneously and spontaneously through different roles, Of characters. She has played non-neutral roles in life and daring in her arguments, because she believes that art is a message and it must be a reflection of the society with its negative and positive aspects.
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