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Reina Sheibani

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Reina Sheibani

Reina Sheibani, Lebanese fashion model, Miss Lebanon 2012, born 1990 in Zahle, East Lebanon.

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Reina Sheibani

Name: Reina Sheibani
Titles: Miss Lebanon 2012
Country of Nationality: Lebanon
Date of birth: 1990
Place of Birth: Zahle, Lebanon
Male Age: 27 years (2017)
Work: Fashion model
Martial status: single
Height: 176 centimeters
Brothers: Rumi (twin)

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Reina Sheibani was born in 1990 in Zahle, east Lebanon, to a Christian family, who competed with her twin sister, Romi Sheibani. Rhina is 176 cm long from her hobbies swimming and cooking. She won the title of Miss Lebanon for 2012, while her twin sister Roumi took second place as first runner-up. And ranked first in the first analysis of the best participant in the contest of the Miss Universe in Asia and the Pacific, issued by the page "Analysis of the Miss Universe contest" on the social networking site Facebook, and this result was an unexpected surprise, especially as it beat Miss Australia, In second place.
Of her hobbies swimming and cooking.
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